How does Good News FloorCare improve your hard surfaces, carpet, and uphostery? 

Step One

First we use a simple non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning solution to agitate the dirt that’s ingrained into the floor. This is why mopping never removes dirt, allowing it to build up over time.

Step Two

We then use our patented floor tool that applies heated water at a pre-selected cleaning pressure in the Containing Dome. This carefully pre-selected pressure ensures your floor won't be damaged. As water is applied, it's simutaneously being vacuum-extracted at 5 gallons per minute, leaving the surface almost completely dry.

Why waste more time and effort "trying" to clean your hard surfaces the old fashion way?

We offer fast, effective, and affordable solutions that work on any hard surface- natural stone, travertine, brick, concrete, and stucco. Our expertise spans far beyond tile and grout!  Vertical or horizantal surfaces? We can do it all. 

View our list of surfaces and areas that we specialize in cleaning.  

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Kitchen floors
Entry ways
Counter tops
Shower enclosures
Garage floors
Pool decks
                                           Automobile or room deodorizing


  • Adsil Microguard Coating
  • ETS Health 180 Coating

Tile, stone, brick floors  
Lobbies, entry areas
Offices, hallways
Kitchen areas
Countertops                                       Hotel room deodorizing


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